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Voting on when to meet

Josh is workng hard to get the official UCF Go Club up and running.  When it is, we will have the opportunity to get a room on campus and meet there.  He doesn’t want to give up our weekly Go Orlando meeting at Barnes & Noble, but add a second meeting.  That way members could come to either or both meetings.

He’s soliciting suggestions and preferences.  I thought I’d make things easier and add a little “vote” here.  Let me know any altneratives and I’ll add them.



4 thoughts on “Voting on when to meet

  1. No one has expressed such an interest. You were the only one who suggested an alternative to Josh’s original two ideas, and I added your suggestion, of course.

    I think the bigger question is: Is no one interested in voting? (More likely no one is aware it is here.)

  2. Didn’t Josh make an e-mail asking people to vote here? (Still am not on that list, so I do not know)

    Maybe something that says they are not interested in an extra day so we know it it is a voting issue or not. (or just do a vote at the club when you see them.)

    Maybe a separate e-mail should be made. Some people may not read the meeting e-mail??

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