About Us

Go is a very old board game originating in Asia.  The American Go Association has a nice, brief description of the game here.  We are an official club of the American Go Association based in Orlando, FL.  Originally founded in the 90’s but became defunct, Go Orlando was re-founded in September 2007. Currently we have a variety of members in the club ranging in strength from beginner to 7 dan and we’re always looking for more players.  We meet weekly for casual play and discussions, but we also hold regular events, including a relatively large annual Spring tournament (OGT – Orlando Go Tournament).

Currently, we are meeting on Tuesdays from 7p-10p.  We meet at a UPS Store at 4046 N Goldenrod Rd, Winter Park, FL 32792-8911.  Please check posts on our main page or events on our facebook page for week-to-week details.  We also send out weekly reminders with meeting specific to our mail list.  Discussions on Orlando go-related issues, meeting reminders, etc. are distributed on this list, though traffic is quite low (perhaps two messages a week on average).

We encourage any go players visiting Orlando, or any local people interested in the club to stop by and play and/or learn more about the game.  All skill levels are welcome.  If you don’t know how to play, one of the more experienced players can teach you.  Our club has players of all levels, from beginners to 7 dan.