R. Paul  Wiegand
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About Me:

I work for the Institute for Simulation and Training at the University of Central Florida, and I hold a secondary joint appointment with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science". My area of interest is in developing empirical research and theory for understanding coadaptive learning algorithms for multiagent systems. In particular, in my dissertation I focused on using evolutionary game theory as a tool for understanding the dynamics of compositional (cooperative) coevolutionary algorithms.

Recent Activities

  • I teach CAP 5610 (Machine Learning) for the CS graduate program and DIG 5876 (Quantitative Aspects of Modeling & Simulation) for the Modeling and Simulation Program here at UCF
  • I help manage the STOKES Advanced Research Computing Center
  • I help organize Go Orlando, a local AGA chapter
  • Annie Wu and I are gradually working to merge our two labs, the NCCS lab and the EC lab, here at UCF

Publications, etc.