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The 2013 Orlando Go Tournament Was a Success

The Orlando Go Tournament was held this past weekend, Saturday April 13 and Sunday April 14. There were five rounds. Thirty-three players participated in the event, with strengths ranging from 20 kyu to 7 dan. We the largest number of dan-level players we’ve had so far (12). There were four divisions, and the winners of each division are listed below. Please thank and support Slate & Shell and Yellow Mountain Imports. They donate prizes every year and help make the OGT a success.

Upper Dan (4D and up)

  1. Joshua Lee (5D)
  2. Long Nguyen (4D)
  3. Tengxiao Yang (7D)

Lower Dan (1K through 3D)

  1. Fuqian Shi (3D)
  2. Zach Dunham (1D)
  3. Joel Sanet (2D)

Upper Kyu: (7K through 2K)

  1. Efrain Davila (3K)
  2. Don Colladay (4K)
  3. Tony Vick (5K)

Lower Kyu (8K and down)

  1. Ellis Knickerbocker (10K)
  2. Michael Shamp (18K)
  3. Aaron Otero (11K)

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