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Ft. Meyers tournament results & ratings

Four of us drove to Ft. Meyers last Saturday to participate in their tournament — many thanks to our Josh for keeping us informed and for driving, many thanks to their Josh for organizing it! Our Josh took second in the dan division (congrats, Josh).

It was a lot of fun, but a long day.  All in all, I played (nearly) seven games of Go that day … including two in the car!

The ratings updates for the AGA have been posted, for those interested.  My rank went down, even though I won three of four games and lost only to a 10k at an even game.  Statistics are fun.

Speaking of …

I once again compiled a bit of results from the AGA and our club to make some fun little histograms.  This time I made three:

There aren’t enough dan-level players in FL for reasonable statistics.  There are 14:  one shodan, five 2d, four 3d, and three 4d.

The plots show the distribution of rankings as a histogram (blue bars) and the mean and standard deviation of those ranks (in red/pink).  The black points at the bottom are ratings from members of our club co-plotted onto the histogram.  For the kyu players, I took their self-rank … for those that I do not have a “?” on, or their KGS rank failing that.  For the dan players, I just took AGA rank.

The reason I chose their self-rank is a personal bias:  I think our self-assessment is more correct than the AGA rating currently.  I can re-run the numbers with the official ratings if people care (or you can just look them up and see where you stand on the histogram).

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