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Another Successful OGT

The Orlando Go Tournament was held this past weekend, Saturday April 12 and Sunday April 13. There were five rounds. Thirty-four players participated in the event, with strengths ranging from 21 kyu to 5 dan. There were four divisions, and the winners of each division are listed below. Please thank and support Slate & Shell and Yellow Mountain Imports. They donate prizes every year and help make the OGT a success.

Dan (1D and up)

  • Brian Olive (1D)
  • Josh Lee (5D)
  • Jonathan Fisher (3D)

Upper Kyu (7K through 1K):

  • Bart Lipofsky (6K)
  • Steve Barberi (1K)
  • Tony Vick (6K)

Middle Kyu (10K through 8K):

  • Ellis Knickerbocker (8K)
  • Asahel Salgado (9K)
  • Aaron Otero (10K)

Lower Kyu (11K and down):

  • Tia Duncan (12K)
  • Heather Crawford (15K)
  • Joel Mora (12K)

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