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Come to Go Club Between Semesters!

In spite of the dearth of students in this post-exam season, there are still a handful of us who will face the cold and the goban with fighting spirit this evening.  That is, Go Club meets tonight (Tuesday) at 7p at Naturas.

For those who will be in the area during the semester break but haven’t been attending Go club:

This is a great time to come to the club! Presumably, it will not interfere with your studies, and the atmosphere between semesters is more casual (if that’s possible).  Maybe we can even liven it up a little.  There are some “fun” variants of Go that offer a bit more entertainment and less serious play.  For example, Rengo and Lottery Go are both very fun for people at all strength levels, especially if the players do not take the game too seriously.

Also, I speculate that Naturas will have fewer people (i.e., fewer smokers) given that the semester is over.

In general, I’d like feedback from those who are interested in Go but do not come to Go Club anymore as to what some of the deterring factors might be … or how we might arrange things so that people are more likely to attend, etc.

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