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  1. Schedule details, instructions, and directions are just as vague here as on the web. I finally stumbled into registration…long line, not moving.

    Don’t know if Josh is here yet.
    Line at the Go Congress

  2. Josh gets in tonight, so I’ll see him tomorrow.

    I played two, unrated games today: One against a 5k (3 hc) and lost by 3.5 pts. Another against Sky Choi, which I won.

    Here’s a more or less empty room at the start of the congress:
    Empty room at the Go Congress

  3. Sunday:

    • US Open, round 1:
      Full Room
    • Josh “won” his first round of the open by forfeit
    • Slight clerical error meant I was (at first) unpaired in the first round, but there was a 7k whose opponent did not show and she was re-paired with me. I won by the skin of my teeth (even game)
    • I attended a lecture by Yilun Yang … see here’s a really fuzzy picture where his head is barely visible:
      Fuzzy Yilun Yang
    • Josh counts ten people from Florida … see here are Sky, his mom, Josh and Joel (and I’m taking the picture). Josh Frye is also here (of course), as is at least one of his students … and Spencer (who technically lives in SC now). I’m not sure of all the FL people, though.
      FL Guys
    • Josh, Josh, Joel, Sky, and I attended a simulcast where Myungwan Kim commented on a game. See … Kim is the fuzzy, distant guy on stage:
      Distant Kim
  4. The tournament director decided repairings were not the right way to go so registered me as a “bye” for the first round. It was suggested that I find my opponent and see if she would be willing to register it as a self-pair match. Not surprisingly, she was not keen on that. Disappointing.

    In my second round yesterday morning, I played very, very badly and got deservedly crushed. I think Josh won. So he is 2:0 and I am 0:1.

    We played rengo last night. Sky and Josh played Joel and I. It was enjoyable until a 2d kid came up and disrupted the game with acute obnoxia. Alas, uncompleted.

    Bad day…and I’m off to my work conference today, so Go will have to wait. Who knows? Josh mighteven blog while I’m away. Stranger things have happened.

  5. I only got in one rated self-pair match, which I lost. My overall record of rated games was an unimpressive 1 and 2. But I played a number of games “just for fun”, and I did okay in most of those. Josh did well (5 and 1, I think, in the open). I also attended a number of events, including a lecture by Ryo, who is indecipherable in the following (once again) fuzzy picture:

    Fuzzy Ryo

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