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Summer activities

While the chapter organizer is away, the kyu-level players must play …

Josh is out this summer, and I guess attendance will be less consistent in general because of the summer; however, there are still a number of things going on this summer for those who will be around:

  1. Weekly Tuesday night meetings at Barnes & Noble continue as usual;
  2. Fort Myers summer tournament, 6.June (see here);
  3. Possible Go Orlando gathering, early July?  (more below);
  4. The US Go Congress, 1.Aug-9.Aug in DC (more later).

Fort Myers Tournament

At the Orlando Go Tournament, Josh Frye announced a 1-day Tournament in Fort Myers on June 6 (Sat.)  There will still be five rounds, though the rounds will be somewhat shorter than at Orlando.  We should gather the names of those of us thinking about going.

Summer Gathering

Last summer there was a half-hearted discussion of some kind of summer activity, and I would like to resurect that idea for this year with perhaps a bit more enthusiasm.  I envision something quite casual that would involve playing a lot of Go, as well as food and such.  Let me know general interest level and time constraints … as it stands, early July seems like a good time-frame since it is between the Fort Myers tournament (June) and the US Go Congress (August).

2 thoughts on “Summer activities

  1. Is there a way that Go Orlando can get together and raise money to go to Go Congress? This is said to be the best time to go but I sure some may agree it it a matter of getting the money. (or maybe its just me.)

  2. I’m open to ideas.

    I made a Google spreadsheet for estimating costs for the Go Congress, by the way. It’s fully read and write-able, so no special account should be needed. But I don’t want to post the link because of possible spam. If you want the link, email me and I’ll give it to you.

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