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Statistics update

I promise these statistics updates will gradually get farther apart; however, since we now have 10 club meetings since I began to doodle attendance and match stats in my notebook, it seemed like a good opportunity to offer an update.  I suppose quarterly and semi-annual statistical reports make the most sense in general.  (Or, perhaps, no reports makes the most sense?)

There’s really no new strength data, so my previous post on those matters is sufficient for now.

I’ve been keeping data since April 29, during which time the club has met on 10 Tuesdays.  I have 15 names on my list, all but two of which have attended at least once.  Josh has 26+ names in total his official list.  Average attendance is 5.7 people, and at least 62 matches have been played (that’s a little over two matches per person per meeting on average).  

Attendance is pretty consistent:  Of all the people who HAVE attended in those 10 Tuesdays, five of them attended more than five of the meetings.  Two members have attended 9 of the ten.  No one has attended every week.  Our lowest attendance was last week (June 24) where only three showed up, highest was on June 3 where eight showed.  All other Tuesdays saw five or six people.

Based on these 10 meetings:  

  • Probability of there being at least 1 player 2d or above is 70%
  • Probability of there being at least 1 player between 4k and 13k is 100%
  • Probability of there being at least 1 player 19k or weaker is 20%

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