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Summer and Fall event ideas

Several of us have been talking about organizing some kind of event this summer … or possibly in the fall (or both).  We are still in the early stages of this discussion, and Josh is the final arbiter of all such things, but I was hoping to get some feedback from people about what they might want. Ideas include:

  •  A smaller tournament amongst club members, perhaps round-robin or instant pairing, etc.
  • A social event (cookout, restaurant trip, etc.)
  • An outreach event to try to get more people interested in the game and/or the club
  • Some combination of any of these

The advantages of something this summer:  It’s sooner, coordination technicalities might be less challenging, those still in school will (presumably) have more time, etc. The advantages of something in early fall:  If we coordinate it with start of term at UCF and manage to use some public space on campus, we might  generate on-looker interest from students.  One thought:  a social event in late July (that includes go playing, of course), and a mini-tournament/outreach event in the first or second week of classes after start of term in the fall.   Ideas, opinions?  Post a comment or write me at paul -AT- tesseract -DOT- org .

5 thoughts on “Summer and Fall event ideas

  1. This is a good point. I suppose I should have been more general. I wasn’t really thinking of anything in particular.

    An outdoor event might be possible early in the day, but I am not sure what the functional relationship is between morning time and likely participation in such an event. It seems an implausible plan at the very best.

    An inside location I scouted at one point and that Josh is going to look into is the Coliseum of Comics at the Fashion Square Mall on Colonial. The can host up to 16 or so people, the food court is right next door, and they even of the Hikaru No Go comic!

    Which brings to mind the following idea: Does anyone own the Hikaru no go DVD’s? We could have an anime night: watch go, play go, eat pizza, etc.

    We could save a “cookout” idea for winter. 8^)

  2. You might be interested in Coliseum’s Kissimee location as well ( I used to play table-top strategy games there). They have a huge back room for gaming, and it is usually packed on Saturday with people, so you might generate interest there.

  3. Kissimee is acceptable to me. One of our other members suggested a place in Cocoa near where he lives that has a lot of room and tables and such. That would be okay with me … I live in SE Orlando, so Kissimee and Cocoa are about the same distance. 8^)

    I don’t know how many people read this board, but for those that do: We are beginning to think in terms of the end of July as a good time frame to hold such an event. I guess a Saturday or Sunday would be the most accessible days of the week (July 26 or 27?). Most people (who have talked to me) appear interested in the “mini-tournament” idea. The format of that should probably depend on how many people would come to such a thing. Something informal like instant, self, or round robin pairings sound viable if it will just be six or eight of us, but if there will be more then we’ll have to give it more thought.

    Feedback on any of those issues would be appreciated. As always, one can leave a comment or email me directly ( paul -AT- tesseract -DOT- org ).

    Also worth considering: Do we want an unrated tournament just for fun, or do we want AGA rated tournament? The event can be small and informal either way, but it will determine whether or not participants would be obliged to become AGA members (assuming they were not already).

    Since I’m soliciting people’s opinions, I guess it’s only fair that I share my own: Saturday, July 26 at Coliseum of Comics at Fashion Square mall, an AGA rated “tune-up” tournament using instant or self pairing with some social component (with food is always nice, lunch?). But these are mild preferences, and any of the ideas mentioned so far are okay with me.

  4. It seems unlikely this is going to happen this summer. Is there any interest in some kind of Fall event?

    This has nice symmetry with our Spring tournament: Fall tune-up, Spring tournament …

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