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Collecting club member information

I am trying to construct a little spreadsheet with some information about members of Go Orlando (nothing seriously personal).  Obviously no one is obliged to provide any of this, but if you are interested and do not mind giving it to me, please email me ( paul -AT- tesseract -DOT- org) the following: 

  • Name
  • AGA rank (if you have one) and sigma
  • KGS handle and rank (if you play on KGS)
  • Handle and rank of any other on-line Go servers you use
  • Any notes you think are relevant (e.g., what you think your rank might be, likes/dislikes about the club, privacy concerns about this information, how often you play online, etc.)

I’ll also try to pass around a little table each Tuesday when I am at the club meeting (most Tuesdays).  It will be nice to have a more complete picture for what our club looks like in terms of where and how strong we play. Also:  If you care and remember to do so, help me keep a record of games played at club meetings.  Tell me the result at the meeting or email it to me later. Thanks,Paul. 

3 thoughts on “Collecting club member information

  1. For those of you who are UCF students: One of our short-term goals is to make Go Orlando an official UCF student organization. To do this, we will need to have at least twelve UCF student members. To demonstrate to the Office of Student Involvement that our members are legitimate students, we will need full names, PID, NID, and status (e.g., “undergraduate”, “graduate”, etc.) for each student member. If you are comfortable giving me that information and only if you are comfortable, please see me (Paul W.) at club meetings or email this to Josh or me.

    This information will not be disclosed to anyone except the UCF OSI to initiate the club.

  2. Hi Paul, don’t forget to add me to the club membership list, I’ve officially changed my affiliation to Go Orlando with the AGA! My rank is 6.5, I have an account on KGS – Ultrabotic but havne’t played any games there yet so I am unranked.

  3. I have you in my statistical data set, but it was incomplete. Thank you!

    But I don’t keep the official AGA roster … that’s with Josh, I guess (if there is such a think). I just track who attends, their strengths, and the match results, regardless of where they are affiliated.

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