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Tournament Participants

To go to our tournament webpage, please visit

The list is pretty much done. I’ve taken off 8 players who said they won’t be playing.

Still expecting a 35-40 turnout, since most of the remaining players are expected to come.

We also have some very tentative divisions (subject to change):

Dan Division: 1dan-4dan (11 potential players)
Lower Kyu Division: 1kyu-6kyu (10 potential players)
Middle Kyu Division: 7kyu-12kyu (12 potential players)
Upper Kyu Division: 13kyu+ (10 potential players)


Name: Go Club: Rating:
Joel Sanet Miami Go Club 3 dan
Yoshio Tanaka Go Orlando 3 dan
Long Nguyen Go Orlando 3 dan
Yang Rao (Not Associated) 3 dan
Shaun Sullivan Greater West Palm Go Club 2 dan
Bjorn Foss Tenuki Chaos 1 dan
Efrain Davila Go Orlando 4 kyu
Joshua Fallon Greater West Palm Go Club 7 kyu
Phillip Brix Go Orlando 9 kyu
Spencer Moleda South Carolina Go Club 10 kyu
Cory Cunningham Ft. Myers Go Club 11 kyu (?)
Paul Wiegand Go Orlando 14 kyu
Sky Choi Miami Go Club 16 kyu


Name: Go Club: Rating:
Micheal Dyer UF Go Club 3 dan
Gelu Ciuica Sarasota Go Club 3 dan
Dan Micsa SCAGA 3 dan
Richard Fox UF Go Club 1 dan
Brian Olive Colonial High Go Academy 1 dan
Spencer Reed Sarasota Go Club 1 kyu
Chi Wong Miami Go Club 3 kyu
Robert Dagostino SCAGA 4 kyu
Stephan Crabtree Tenuki Chaos 5 kyu
Micheal Arlain Go Orlando 6 kyu
Chris Angermann Sarasota Go Club 6 kyu
Andres Miami Go Club 7 kyu
Anthony Yon Go Orlando 7 kyu
George Lebovitz SCAGA 8 kyu
Brian Gibbons Go Orlando 9 kyu
JD Donboch SCAGA 9 kyu
Andres Friend Miami Go Club 11 kyu
Jesse Crowell Ft. Myers Go Club 13 kyu
Lyon A Disbrow SCAGA 21k (?)


Name: Go Club: Rating:
Alex Miami Go Club 3 kyu
John Russell SCAGA 3 kyu
James Shenko Sarasota Go Club 4 kyu
Ben Simon Tenuki Chaos 7 kyu
Sean Mac Manus <No Club> 8 kyu
Nathan Slider Ft. Myers Go Club 13 kyu
Beau Grantham <No Club> 23 kyu (?)
Bo Sun Go Orlando (?)
Logan Go Orlando (?)
Brandon Berger Go Orlando 15k(?)
Joe Go Orlando (?)

Yes, we DO have a lot of 3 dan players 🙂

Total expected participants:35-43

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